Consumer Banking

Making your customer’s banking experience convenient and accessible for their everyday financial needs

Providing a seamless, secure online tool and experience

With our FinTech solutions, your customers will use your banking products for their personal financial needs.

Digital-first banking experience
Actionable insights
24/7 customer service


Your customers are looking for more than just checking accounts. They are looking for a seamless online tool and experience that is secure and easy to use. When partnering with FinMain, banks may offer tailored services and products that meet the specific needs of these businesses day-to-day operations and plans for the future including:

Customer Onboarding

Secure and efficient onboarding process enabling banks to offer a seamless digital experience for deposit account opening

Loan Origination

Secure and compliant digital solution, streamlining the loan application and approval process for banks and their customers

Loyalty & Rewards

Build stronger relationships with customers through a customized rewards programs that enhance loyalty and engagement

Identity Verification, Fraud & Financial Crime

Mitigate risk and protect against financial crime, with advanced identity verification and fraud detection tools

Payments & Real Time Money Movement

Provide customers with faster, more secure transactions, facilitating real-time money movement and streamlining banking operations

Client / Operational Data & Analytics

Analyze data, monitor key performance indicators, and make informed decisions that drive growth and improve customer experiences

Delivering value for banks

Cut time to value by
Reduce operational costs by
Reduce risk costs by

Industrializing digital transformation

Looking to rapidly and cost effectively enhance your digital transformation at scale?